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You don’t want to be like every other coach.
Put your own unique spin on it.

Get certified and discover your special niche within the coaching industry.

Welcome to Next Level Life Coach Training!

The premiere Training for driven, spiritual women who not only want to learn how to life coach, but also want to build a bomb business that includes honing in on your niche.

Hi! I’m Caitlin Winkley,
Founder of Next Level Life Coach Training.

But you can call me the Niche Bitch. Yup, I am that bitch.

But really, I’m just a small town gal with big sized dreams who had the courage to go for it. And I want the same for you. In fact, it’s available to you.

You get to be that bitch.



Top 10 Best Life Coach Certifications of 2022

Next Level Life Coach Training recognized as one of the top 10 best life coach trainings of 2022!

Why can’t it be you?

  • Using your own story of overcoming or transformation to inspire others
  • Fully using your God-given gifts of intuition, interpersonal skills and solving problems
  • Monetizing your natural understanding of self-help concepts

But there’s only one thing missing to put it all together…

A Life Coach Training to provide you with a framework, a structure and the know-how.

I created Next Level Life Coach Training because I kept getting asked, “How’d you do it?”.

  • How’d you get clients?
  • How’d you get away with charging luxury rates?
  • How do you feel so comfortable sharing online?

I wanna know the special sauce, they’d ask…



As an industry professional with nearly 10 years of experience, and proven success, I’m here to give you the sauce, baby.

But first a bit more about me

Things did not start off great for me.

Picture this:

Complete lack of confidence, socially weird, did not know my worth and pretty dysfunctional if I’m being honest.

Something happened that rocked my world:

In my former career I was a Montessori teacher and a nanny for a high-powered family that I felt intimidated by due to my poor self concept. I would get paid via direct deposit and I began to notice that my pay was often off (hours, days, a bonus and a raise weren’t accounted for). I lacked the skills and self-worth to be able to have a clear, direct conversation regarding pay.

So instead, I did something that would forever change the trajectory of my life.

I acted passive aggressively and essentially “paid myself” by using a credit card that had my name on it but was linked to the family’s account. This card was meant to buy household items and things for the children.

The family found out and called the cops on me. I was arrested and confronted with a 2 year jail sentence!

Wait, what?


The blessing:

While at the jail that day, I had one of the biggest epiphanies of my life: I heard a loud, booming internal voice that said, “Caitlin, how long do you plan on keeping yourself in jail?”.

Whoaaa nelly. I got it. I finally got it.

The external jail I was sitting in was mirroring the internal jail I was keeping myself in by falsely believing I had very little worth and thus not much to offer this world.

Okay Universe, I’m done playing small. I got the message.

The other side:

I didn’t end up having to go to jail and I completely turned my life around. From that moment on, my life purpose became extremely clear to me. It was evident why everything leading up to this point had to happen – the challenges in my upbringing, the childhood bullying, the never having enough money because I didn’t feel worthy of it, the feeling like a loser because I couldn’t just “get it together”, the list goes on.

Living out my life purpose:

I knew in my bones that if I could heal myself, get to the root of my emotional challenges, upgrade my mindset and fully express my capability, then I could help other women do the same. It was all a lie that I was telling myself that I wasn’t good enough.

And now I help free other women from their own personal lies. We truly can do anything we put our mind to.

Maybe you too have a story to tell or an inspiring message to share?


“There are millions of guides to “finding your niche” online but the personal attention and care that came directly from Caitlin as I was crafting mine was invaluable – especially when my self-doubt started to creep back in!”

– Lauren St. Germain

Next Level Life Coach Training solves the 3 biggest problems when it comes to wanting to be a coach:

How do I work through my own personal blocks that could be standing in the way of becoming a top level coach?

How do I actually coach others and facilitate a transformation to take place?
Once I know how to coach others, now what in terms of having a unique niche, setting up a business and actually getting clients?

All 3 must be addressed in order to have success within the coaching industry.

That’s why my expertly designed Training is broken up into 3 distinct parts.

But first, let me tell you what you get:

Life Coach Certification

That’s right, we’re legit and you will be too! A physical certificate will be mailed to you.

Complete Coursebook

Robust and aesthetically beautiful workbook that aligns with each module

Graduate Badge

To display on your website or materials so prospects know you’re certified

How The Training Works




All classes will take place via Zoom.

This is such a special program because you get a blend of 1:1 support and group learning with other like minded soul sisters who are also travelling this growth journey with you. You can expect mutual support, sharing, laughing, crying and evolving together.

Part 1: Receive 1:1 coaching from our Trainers

Month 1 + 2
When stepping into a new role as a coach, there’s a lot that can come up for you around claiming your authoritative voice, being seen in new ways, integrating all of your parts, owning your innate gifts and working through any subconscious limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. We will work through all of this and any other personal coaching objectives. Additionally, you will begin the process of identifying your own unique story and messaging and how you will use that as your life coaching platform.

Part 2: Learn how to life coach others

Month 3 + 4
This is where the group classes taught by Caitlin begins. We will cover exactly what it means to be a life coach, how to conduct sessions and create a coaching program. You will learn how to identify an overall theme in someone’s life, how to spot patterns which funnel into that theme and how to recognize where someone is blocked. You will learn how to guide clients into their highest selves and meet specific coaching objectives (facilitate a transformation). You’ll also learn how to step into your confidence as a leader and a role model and embrace vulnerability.

Part 3: Receive business coaching

Month 5 + 6
I will help you create a life coaching business based on your own unique business vision. We’ll go over your niche, your message, your story, content marketing and how to build a brand. I’ll teach you how to attract your ideal clients. I will show you how to create a solid social media presence. We’ll dive into how to sell and how to cultivate a sales mindset. We’ll also go over the nuts and bolts of how to run a coaching business, including onboarding, administrative and operations. You will leave with everything you need to get started with your new business.

And the best part of it all?

Many of my graduates get paying clients before they even finish the program or immediately after.

How to use this certification

  • Create a full-time badass coaching business
  • Transition from therapist to coach
  • Do coaching in conjunction with your current career, either on the side or to enhance it
  • Add on life coaching to an already established wellness or coaching business
  • Corporate coaching, contract coaching

“I am forever grateful to your training and coaching. It was a small price to pay for unlocking my higher self, and multitude of opportunities.”

– Robyn Lilly

Lucky you

You get to be supported by a team of coaches on your Training journey.

During the 1:1 coaching portion of the Training you’ll partner with one of the highly skilled Trainers who will coach you into your next level as you actively begin to own your new role as a coach. Caitlin will check-in with you midway and upon completion during this part of the journey.

Now it’s worth mentioning that these aren’t just any regular ol’ Trainers.

Each Trainer is a graduate of Next Level Life Coach Training and has undergone her own personal transformation and draws upon that to guide others. These women are not only phenomenal coaches, getting their clients impressive results, but they are also warriors on the growth journey who know what it’s like to go through the beginning stages of taking on a new role. They are here for you.

So without further ado…


Meet your Trainers

Kaylee Murray

Hi, I’m Kaylee and I can’t wait for us to get to know each other! As a Certified Life Coach, I help people reconnect to their wisdom to become fully expressed in every aspect of their life. I believe that self-expression, aka the ability to share your true self, is the throughway to living a life you desire and deserve. As a coach, it is my commitment to help you uncover what is holding you back and subsequently feel more confident in your ability to show up in the world.

What brought me to life coaching was a quiet pull in my heart. A few years ago I was living in cyclical burnout and felt a deep disconnection with the path I was on. I felt uninspired and as if my internal light was stuck at “dim”. The moment I heard of life coaching it was like my whole body woke up again. “This is it” my heart said, as I took that brave leap of faith into the beautiful unknown. Through the years of becoming a certified coach, facilitating transformations for my clients and growing a business, I have truly explored the depths of myself. I am incredibly passionate about embodying the personal work that I facilitate for my clients with myself. In my eyes, this is what being a leader is all about. Prioritizing my own healing and growth so that I can show up in my fullest expression for those I work with. I am so honored and excited to help the students of Next Level step into their own expression through this training!

Now meet some of my badass graduates:

Is it okay if I gush for a minute? Or, maybe even brag…

Yeah? Alright, let’s get right to it then.

Graduates from NLCT are diverse in background, personal story and professional experiences.

But there’s one common denominator: Heart and Hustle

These women are using their hearts, their own unique connection to spirit and their desire to help guide others to their truest, highest selves (because they know how damn good that internal freedom tastes).

And they are also using their drive, their hustle (not the antiquated kind, the new kind that also includes balance) and their dogged determination to get their special message out into the world.

So about that niche thing I keep talking about…

You will notice that my graduates all have unique titles within the coaching industry that support their speciality.

So if you don’t want to blend in, but rather stand-out like you were born to do, then you must know this:

There’s nothing cookie-cutter about this Life Coach Training.
Ummm we can go ahead and save that for the kitchen, oatmeal choco chip anyone?

I help you put together a specialized coaching program that no one will have except you. Because well, no one else is you.

No one else has the exact coaching superpowers that only you have.

You have skills, knowledge, challenges overcome, wisdom and your personality that have all come together to create your signature style, methodology and coaching program.

So let me help you discover what’s inside of you that’s ready to come out and make your unique mark on the coaching world.

“The teacher in me is so obsessed with everything in the Coursebook.”

– Helene Lavigueur

Professional backgrounds of graduates:



Corporate leadership
Real estate

Wellness / Training


Design / Photography



Event planning

Human resources


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“This Training is FIRE. My life has shifted in BIG ways since I made the decision to stand up for myself and decide to become a coach. I love how Caitlin walks us through allll the steps with ease, grace and badassness. You will feel supported every step of the way. Do this Training for yourself!”

– Brooke Roper

“My plan was to do a comfortable job like admin/ reception and do life coaching part time. But what’s the point in doing all that inner work just to remain in my previous comfort zone? I am a coach and my new comfort zone is being a leader. I am enjoying my Monday-Thursday full-time job, and coaching on Fridays and Saturdays. I even started renting a space for coaching!”

– Robyn

“The Next Level Coaching Training is very comprehensive! We worked on ourselves, learned how to coach and created a business plan. The group dynamic was great, while we have different niches and coaching styles, we support and inspire each other. Great investment for sure!”

– Donna Osorio

“After finishing my End of Life Doula Training I felt I needed more tools in order to start a practice for working with clients. Doing the Life Coach Training with Caitlin Winkley was the perfect addition and fulfilled my need for more structure for starting my own business. I can highly recommend working with Caitlin. She is very organized, reliable and enthusiastic about her Training. Not only have I met another great professional, but also a beautiful soul.”

– Claudia Goetzelmann

“Caitlin is a funny, fierce, gentle, wise bad-ass and I am forever grateful to have taken the leap into a new life as a coach under her guidance!”

– Courtney Fullmer

“Caitlin BROUGHT IT in her life coach training. The training itself is comprehensive. It left me with new skills as a coach, with learning how to market myself and with starting to develop a business mindset. Caitlin herself is professional, polished, wise, and skillful as a coach and as your teacher. She embodies what she teaches and is 100% invested in your success as a coach.”

– Kate Lally

“Working with Caitlin has been an empowering and life changing experience for me. I was immediately drawn to her warm and inviting energy, but was altered by her firm, effective approach with her process. Within only one week of working with her, I began to experience breakthroughs in areas I felt stuck my whole life even after working with a therapist for years. By learning the tools to defeat my own limitations, I can now go on to coach others to do the same.”

– Gianna Sferlazza

“During the Training I have felt seen, heard and mentored in this super deep and genuine way. I’ve never been guided before in such a gentle and focused way. Caitlin just gives it to you straight and it’s always empowering. Not only did I get personal coaching and Training on how to coach others, but also business coaching. I already have a masters in business, but Caitlin helped ensure I have this new coaching business integrated into my pre-existing design business. Now I can completely align my business messaging and serve my clients in the best possible way.”

– Carol-Anne Sabol

“Working with Caitlin has been a simply transformative experience. Only adding to the experience is being in with a group of like-minded individuals, who are experiencing similar transformations, creating a support system and sense of community within the coaching industry. Caitlin’s personalized insight coupled with feedback of other upcoming coaches and the curriculum will help you tailor your business to a targeted client base. With hard work and Caitlin’s support I had a website up and my first paying client before I even graduated!”

– Steffani DiPolito

“Enrolling in Caitlin’s Life Coach Training was me saying ‘yes’ to something that had been on my heart for many years: becoming a coach, building a business, and finally launching into a career where I truly felt connected to my work. I chose to work with Caitlin for many reasons, but a key factor was the expertly structured program she has laid out for her students. Caitlin is sharp, smart, genuine and will be 100% committed to your success. I truly felt she was invested in me the same way I had invested in her. Say ‘yes’ to yourself.”

– Lauren St. Germain

Ready to take the leap, live your purpose and do the damn thing? Your future as a life coach awaits. I look forward to meeting you.

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